Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Custom Mobile Laundry and Storage

For those who are planning their full-time living dream or those who may be traveling but looking to be stationary for awhile, we have some awesome ideas for you to consider...  taking your garage with you.

Our story begins with the fact that deciding to live full-time in a 5th wheel meant that we would be stationary for awhile to start our journey.  We are still working locally and living in a RV park specifically for full-timers.  Because of these circumstances, we knew we had the opportunity to create a semblance of home and ease ourselves into the full-time life.  A few of the concerns were washing clothes, extra storage for out of season clothes, our food storage and pantry supplies, and a deep freezer.

Hubby is a Contractor who created a plan for an enclosed trailer to be our mobile Laundry and Storage.
We started with a 7 x 12 enclosed trailer special ordered from the factory with doors on both sides.

The Washing Machine and Dryer will be at the front of the trailer, so to maximize space we built floor to ceiling cabinets on both sides of the trailer to flank the W/D.  I plan to use this space for surplus cleaning, bathroom and kitchen supplies.

The most important and most difficult task of this project is the electrical and plumbing needed for the W/D.  We installed a breaker box that is wired to an RV 30 amp electrical hookup.  One concern is being able to get enough power to this rig along with your RV.  At our site each panel box pushes 120 amps, so we are able to use both at the same time with a converter that splits into a 30 amp and regular outlet. If we move to another site, this may pose a problem without having to pay extra for electricity.
Along with electrical outlets for the W/D, an outlet for the freezer is installed and two LED lights.

The plumbing was a little more difficult.  It took a few tries to find the right spigot to install into the floor for the hot and cold water for the Washing Machine.  We plan to hook straight into our tankless water heater previously installed and into the second water spigot.  There will also be a sewer drainage that will connect with our line through a Y split.  

Next, we needed storage for typical garage/basement storage stuff.  These shelves will hold out of season clothes and our custom built canning system for our surplus food.  We always have at least a 3-6 month supply of food storage in case of emergencies.  That is an important principle that we didn't want to give up as we transitioned to tiny home living.

Hubby even built a custom fishing rod and bb gun holder. 

Mobile Laundry Room

This is our set up on our site.  We just moved in and are still unpacking, but you can see the trailer parked behind our rig and the door opens nicely into our site for easy access.
Leave any technical questions in the comments and I will get Hubby to answer them for you.

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