Monday, February 15, 2016

Open Range Light 5th Wheels

Open Range Light
Our 5th Wheel home is a 2014 Open Range Light 305BHS.  We choose an Open Range for the sense of home it gives in its style and choice of materials.  The layout was perfect for living and the big party couch was the most comfortable we sat on. Mostly we choose this because of the weight.  It is small enough and light enough for our truck to pull easily down the road.  We wanted something that we could hook up and take off down the road on a spur of the moment weekend.

Image result for 2014 open range 305bhs

There will be quite a modification we will make in order to make our moving house a home.  The first mod on the list will be installing a tankless water heater!  We are also considering a unique modification to the outdoor kitchen to contain a combo washer/dryer.
Some other things that need to be done:
creating more room in boys' space by rooming bottom bunk
installing an electric fireplace with surrounding cabinets
various pull-out drawers and slide-out storage
new (bigger) toilet
new shower head and change the location

Hubby is a genius at renovations and modifications.  Stay tuned for more post and youtube videos on all our updates!

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