Thursday, June 18, 2009

The not so lazy days of summer

This is first summer in 7 years that I have not been enrolled in classes. The last time I had a summer off Nick and I traveled the country in his Semi truck. Now that I have my Masters degree and two children to spend time with I find myself getting to do all the things that I missed about summer:

going for morning walks with both the kids
and did I mention read... whatever my heart desires

This summer I have also found the urge to fine-tune my homemaking skills. Not that most days are anywhere near accomplished, I do plan for my meals and I even started a recipe file that I wanted. Cooking said meals depends on my state of hunger (Thomas could live off Chicken nuggets), my sanity by 4:00 in the afternoon, and whether I have the needed supplies.

I also decided to finally get a facebook. Yes, my last snarky post is null and void. I still have dial-up, but I am at home and am able to spend time on the computer, so why not?

But by far the best part of this summer is Thomas and Noah. I can spend time

making Noah laugh... baby giggles are so cute,
teaching Thomas to use the potty.... we are finally getting somewhere,
feeding Noah enough so that he can be nice and chubby,
and most of all I get to see my children grow a little bit everyday.

So my summer is a self-fulling prophecy about growing in love, family, strength, patience, and memories.