Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Birthday party humbug?

Thomas turns two and mommy is trying to decide if she is a humbug about birthday parties.

Don't get me wrong the party was great. Lots of kids, family and friends, LOTS of cake, and presents to play with.

The problem is I have a December baby and I'm starting to wonder what is the best way to have a birthday party so close to all the Christmas uproar. During the two weeks surrounding Christmas we visit 3 different parts of our family and open presents, eat, visit, etc.

I just don't want Thomas' birthday to get lost in all the other Christmas stuff, and I don't want Christmas to get lost in all the presents and frivolous things. So what is a mommy to do? How do I celebrate Thomas' birthday and make it special and still keep the spirit of Christmas without losing my mind?

By the way, Thomas is a future biker rock star. What is a Mom to do?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby names

We have officially decided on a name for new baby Giggey. Since we are having another boy the list of names was pretty small since it was the names left over from choosing Thomas' name. But a surprise name came up.

I love old names, traditional names. I would never name my child something fashionably forward. So way back when Nick and I started with a list of family names like, Samuel, James, William, Daniel, Pate, etc. But I took out my Pedigree charts for one last look this time and added the name Noah to the list.

Noah was my great,great, great grandfather on my dad's side of the family. No one that I know of is named after him and he is a significant patriarch in the family. I have heard stories about him all my life.

As soon as Noah made it to list Nick and I knew that would be the baby's name. I love when you get such a positive and spirit filled feeling about something like that. And everyone else loves the name too.

So we will be welcoming Noah Pate Giggey to our family in March.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

The last four years we have forgone the Christmas Tree decoration in my house, which is too small to accommodate decorations anyway. For Christmas four years ago we went to Disney World and I decided I didn't want to worry about decorations. My mother-in-law, Linda, thought otherwise and surprised us with a little fiber-optic tree all lit up when we returned home. It was so nice I have put that little tree on a stand and plugged it in every year since then. Thomas' first Christmas picture was taken next to it.

But this year I wanted to decorate a tree. Thomas is two and is old enough to help. So we checked the budget and bought a live tree to fit in our house (it was the smallest in the lot).

Needless to say, I began to rethink the fiber-optic tree as soon as the tree was in the house.
For one I forgot about all the needles everywhere, and the constant watering. I also had to put the lights on twice because I strung them up backwards.

But as soon as the decoration came out, Nick and I had fun watching Thomas discover Christmas decorating. This first thing he did was pull out the glass balls and throw them up in the air. Then we discussed what to do with those particular balls.

Then he found the santa claus hat.

And then he found the stockings and at first thought they were gloves. We explained they were stockings (like socks)...

Soon we were putting decorations up and now that it is all done, I'm glad we pulled out the decorations this year.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

10 minutes in Heaven

If I were a teenage girl I would say my 10 minutes in heaven would be locked in a closet with Edward Cullen... But alas, I am not a teenage girl.

So for this working mom, 10 minutes in heaven is the 10 minutes AFTER I hit the snooze button on the alarm in the morning.

Those are 10 precious minutes to sleep more, keep dreaming, or just lie in bed for 10 more minutes.

Sometimes I even have tiny little feet kneading into my side for those last 10 precious minutes in bed.

Monday, December 1, 2008

They go hand in hand

Football and Thanksgiving.... What more can I say.

Twilight take two

After going to see the movie on Saturday of opening weekend and coming home a little disappointed with the interpretation-- see treefortinouryard blog for similar feelings on the movie-- I decided I was going back for seconds. Nick was convinced that I was crazy for going to see the movie again because I didn't like it the first time, and as much explaining as I did, he still didn't get the concept.
But I convinced him to drop Deanna and I off Friday afternoon while he and Thomas went shopping.

I was much more satisfied the second time. I enjoyed the silly, cheesy scenes written in for the teenagers because I knew they would be there this time. I still have some problems with the screenwriting and hopefully those gliches will be fixed for the second movie New Moon.

For now I am enjoying the fact that I can imagine the two characters in their surroundings, and just like all the teenage girls that I teach, I want to go back and read the books, because they are much, much better.